7 Simple Tips to Overcome Fear and Find Happiness

The ultimate guide to fight your fears and find happiness.

The meaning of happiness is unique and varies from person to person. however the bumps on the road of happiness is all the same. here are the seven fears that controls you from living a happier life. 

Simple Tips to Overcome Fear

1. Fear of being lesser person 

if you are comparing yourself with photo shopped images of Facebook or filtered images of Instagram then you will always have the feeling of not being enough. To overcome from this fear you need to focus on your talents & journey and let yourself shine.

2. Fear of failure

With so much expectations of our own and so of others we put so much pressure on ourselves. Life is not a test to pass or fail, it's a journey and a series of events which we figure out along the way so stop beating yourself and learn to enjoy the bumpy roads as well.

3. Fear of repeating past mistakes

Never let the past define the person you are today! Let go the past that holds the power over you cause you can't change it all you can do is focus on present and build a brighter future. so leave the regretful decisions behind and make the today better.

4. Fear of rejection

Vulnerability leaves you open for possible rejections but if you take your time to trust and get to know someone first you decreases the risk of being hurt. so guard your heart and decide wisely who to trust.

5. Fear of ending up alone

Being a human we crave the love and attention. parents, siblings or even our best friends can't fill this gap. when we let this fear consume we start to believe that even the second best company is better than no company. we need to learn that our happiness does not depend on companionship. There lies great power in one’s ability to find contentment and happiness in solitude.

6. Commitment phobia

Your perspective on commitment is defined by your attitude - Is commitment a risk for you or a pressure to behave certain way, if yes then you need to change the way you look at it, it's a union of hearts, new beginning and a chance for growth.

7. Fear of missing out

We always have this sense of hurry that encourages us to try harder and accomplish better but Never let this sense of hurry to overpower your sense of peace. Don't live for future or in future, enjoy what you have and celebrate the day.

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