10 Ways to Romance a Man - Learn How To Be A Romantic

Learn how to be romantic and ways to romance a man

Looking how to be a romantic wife or girlfriend! In our country it's the man who always woes the girl but it's time to o admit that guys also want to be romanced the same way we expect from them. so, here are the 10 ways to romance a man to appreciate him.

Ways to Romance a Man

1. Sneaking in a live note

Sometimes man likes to know he's loved and missed. Corny as it sounds but woman should leave these flirty notes in random places where he will find them later like in his briefcase, or tiffin box. It can really make a guy's day. One of the best way to romance a man with words.

2. Be vocal in your appreciation 

As much as we girls like to believe it guys can't read mind and In the rat race of our daily routine. we often forget to tell our man how much we love him! When it feels natural slip one or two compliment into conversation. We are not asking to spend hours to stroke his ego, just enough to let him know you appreciate him.

3. Dinner's on her 

It's not about making a man feel feeble but rather spoiling him. So it's time to switch the role of our society and be the one who pays the bill. 

4. Buy him present 

Give what you expect to receive. It's amazing how we always expect flowers and chocolates from guys but never think about reversing the gesture while guys might not like flowers or chocolates. We can simply present them with small but significant gift.

5. Dress up for him 

No one is asking you to always wear the lace and heels but you can give 2 minutes to brush your hair and putting some mascara, bronzer and gloss on face. Just go a little extra mile to impress him and from time to time try to dress up like you did on first date.

6. Random texts throughout the day 

You don't have to confess your undying love to him just some small texts to show him that you are thinking about  him. Like ask about his day, send a joke or send a selfie. Good way to romance with boyfriend on text. Helps to build a friendship with him before building a relationship. 

7. Sometimes be on the listening side 

Spend some time where you sit with him, let him talk his feeling out without commenting, judging or making the conversation about yourself, just offer your support.

8. Cook him his favorite meal 

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. One or twice in a month make his favorite meal a surprise him without any special occasion and yes! We all get busy but it's about priorities at the end of the day and relationship should be no.1 priority.

9. Take charge of date night 

Men find it attractive when you take charge occasionally. Initiating a step to organize a date night will make them fell special. So ladies love them be the one to be courted. 

10. Surprise him 

Surprise doesn't mean scaring but rather doing some special gesture out of blue to be spontaneous and impulsive. Men likes challenges so keep them on their toes.

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