Nikon D3500 Vs Canon 1500D Comparison: Which One to buy?

People always get confused which Entry Level DSLR camera is the right to buy, Canon 1500D or Nikon D 3500. Today we will talk about two latest Entry Level DLSR cameras and compare each other to find out who is the best in this category.

Nikon D3500 Vs Canon 1500D

Nikon D3500 and Canon comparison

Canon 1500D was launched on February 2018 where Nikon D3500 was launched in August 2018.

Nikon D3500 Vs Canon 1500D | Technical Specification Comparison


In the appearance, both of them are very similar in term of specifications. In fact both of them are powered with APS-C format sensors around 24.1 megapixels in Canon 1500D and 24.2 megapixels in Nikon D3500.

Display Screen

Apart from specifications, both of these are quite similar. Like the screen size of both is 3 cm which gives 921K (921000 dots) resolution. Touch screen or Tilt Screen option not available in both.

Nikon D3500 and Canon 1500D Screen Size and Buttons


The processors that they have are also of similar generation. Like the Canon 1500D is powered by DIGIC 4+ Processor whereas Nikon D3500 is powered by Expeed 4 Processor.

Auto Focus System AFS

If we compare predecessor, the focus point are also same for both cameras. Like 1500D have 9 Points focus system whereas D3500 have 11 Points focus system.

Buttons Layout

The buttons layout is also similar. The layout of both buttons is also on the right side. This is quite interesting in D3500 as compare to D3400 (buttons layout is on left side). It’s make single thumb operation more comfortable while shooting.

So terms in specifications, both cameras actually compare similar to each other. If everything is seems similar then what really is different.
Nikon D3500 and Canon 1500D Similar Features Specifications


If we look at the size also, both cameras seem similar. Although in visually, Canon 1500D seems a bit big in dimensions.  This is a slight difference between both. But Nikon D3500 is definitely lighter. It weight is 415 gram as compared to canon 1500D which is 475 gram.

Camera Grip 

Another very big thing if you notice that the grip of Nikon D3500 is very deep. Where in Canon 1500D the right part of grip is bulky and not so much deep. 1500D is still comfortable, but yes it probably not good as Nikon D3500.

Nikon D3500 and Canon 1500D Grip Comparison

Build Quality

If we talk about build quality, then the build quality of both is also very good. In terms of material used they seem quite similar. But one thing that didn't look right in the Nikon D3500 is that the buttons seems little plasticky.  Like when we press the buttons while using it, it tends to make noise. On other side in Canon 1500D, its totally different type of buttons which they have used or embedded in the body.  Whenever you use the button you will not hear anything. It seems little more comfortable then Nikon D3500.

Microphones Input

Many of us look for microphone inputs in DLSR cameras. In entry level DLSR cameras, this is the thing that misses in the Nikon D3500. In Nikon D3500 there is no option of microphone input. So if you are planning to use external microphone then it will not work with Nikon D3500. But if we talk about Canon 1500D, then there is an option of 2.5mm jack in it. You can attach the external microphone to it using the converter.

Battery Life

Now the biggest difference between these two cameras is its battery life. If we compare both camera batteries, Nikon D3500 gives 1500 Shots as compare to Canon 1500D which roughly claims 500 shots.

It doesn’t matter if you have portable chargers but if you have a long hard day shoot, its matters.

Canon 1500D Vs Nikon D3500 | Video Comparison

Videos have become an important part in terms of the consumption and content. Nowadays manufacturers try to give good or better specifications on the camera body. And this camera body will be very important for video shooting and recording as well.

In terms of Video Specs, there is no difference between two. They both shoot basically 1080p which is full HD at 60 frame per second for Nikon D3500 and 50 frames per second for Canon 1500D. But some of the thing which found really annoying about Canon when it came to video is whenever had to do a video recording and was doing it, the dedicated recording is missing. Because of this one always has to put first in the record mode through dial. After that you have to press the recording button and it starts recording. This found little irritating.

A dedicated movie recording button is missing in 1500D. 

In comparison if we take Nikon D3500 then we found things really easy. There is no need to do anything in it. Just need to toggle in, after toggle the switch it’s automatically goes into movie recording mode. As soon as you press the dedicated movie button it starts the recording.
So these are the small handy things which make the life of a photographer or if you are shooting or using pretty easy. That’s you feel something missing in the Canon 1500D as compare to the Nikon D3500.

Nikon D3500 Vs Canon 1500D | Performance Comparison

These were the major and functional changes between the two cameras but what is most important is performance. There is no substitute for the performance. So let’s see how both of them performed in test.

Image Quality

In terms of image quality, there is not much to choose between these cameras. The performance of both the cameras is quite good. Images are very sharp and crisp. But the colors of Nikon are true to the scene and neutral as compare to Canon Who is over saturating the colors. But hardly there was a slight difference between the two cameras. So it’s difficult to choose in this particular department.
In terms of detail, A little bit if you zoomed in, Nikon seems to have slight edge over canon in this department. 

Nikon D3500 Image Vs Canon 1500D Image Comparison

Canon 1500D Camera Image Performance

Nikon D3500 Camera Image Performance

Low Light Performance

If we talk about low light performance, this greatly depends on the camera's ISO range. The ISO range of Nikon D3500 is upto 25800 as compare to canon which has upto 12800. And it is quite evident in pictures. If you see the pictures below, Nikon has quite a bright picture as compare to Canon. And if zooming in, then the detail in it is captured much better.

Nikon D3500 ISO vs Canon 1500D ISO Performance

Canon 1500D Camera Low Light Image Performance

Nikon D3500 Camera Low Light Image Performance

This is one department where Nikon has a very clear edge over Canon especially when came to low light shooting.

In terms of ISO, as mentioned earlier, the ISO Ranges of both are quite different. You can use ISO 1600 comfortably for best shot in low light conditions. 

Video Performance

Talking about video performance, both cameras have very little difference. Like D3500 shoots 1080p at 60 frames and Canon 1500D shoots 1080p at 50 frames. So literally there was not much to choose.
In terms of performance, both were similar. Crisp, sharp and detail videos you get.  In this department both will be given equal marks.

So what are the overall thoughts on both cameras? 

Actually it’s too tough to choose between both cameras, as the specs are same. But Canon is a little cheaper then Nikon.  Canon 1500D with 18-55 Kit lens cost you around INR 34000 where Nikon D3500 with 18-55 Kit lens cost you around INR 39000.

But in terms of the overall performance, both are quite similar. Nikon is slightly good in low light performance as compare to Canon. 

Which is best to buy Canon 1500D or Nikon D3500?

So depending on what is sort of level of performance and minute things would like to trade of, in that case we would pick the D3500. It has small things which are very interesting.

Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera Specifications

  • Its grip is deeper; it is good if you hold it for a long time.
  • Dedicate Button for Video Recording.
  • Apart from this, it is turmeric and the most important thing it has higher ISO range than the canon which means it will be able to provide you with a lot better low light performance as compare to the Canon 1500D.

 So that’s all on which is better whether the Canon 1500D or Nikon D3500.

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